Realizing that Public Relations establishes brand credibility, which is magnified by marketing and advertising and manifested in print, television and internet media and communications, The RIGSBY Group works closely with each client to provide innovative and specialized strategies to promote their product, brand, marketing campaign or organization.

We provide direct marketing to consumers through collateral and flyer distributions to a specific audience or community, creating a targeted buzz or in all markets across the Atlanta Metropolitan area targeting the public-at-large. Our Street Teams and Brand Ambassadors work to strategically deliver your brand message to consumers in an agreed upon market, attracting the vital attention that your event deserves.


Email/Text Message Blasts promote your event, product or service to a broad audience or particular segment of consumers with a campaign tailored to meet your promotional needs.

Brand Ambassadors attend area events to engage and influence consumers while distributing event collateral and collecting consumer information and feedback.

Street Teams directly engage prospective customers in motion, wherever they may go to work, shop, play, socialize and entertain. Collateral & Flyer Distribution is a direct and interactive form of street marketing.

Tactics include Hand-to-Hand engagement at special events and venues and a targeted Blitz & Saturation campaign in high-traffic areas and retail hot-spots.